A Few of My Favourite (Red) Things

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We’re in the thick of planning the 2016 Red Dress Soiree. With mood boards and social media content calendars full of red stuff, it’s hard not to gravitate toward some of my red favourites.

Here’s a rundown of the top 6 fiery finds that set my heart ablaze.

MAC Ruby Woo

I’m no make-up guru. I seriously JUST added concealer to my powder foundation, mascara, blush regimen and I’m feeling like a boss. Every make-up wearing Bahamian woman’s cosmetics right of passage includes an addiction to MAC Ruby Woo, and I’m no different. When I first bought it 5 years ago I wore it with the cherry liner religiously. But last year I happened upon MAC’s Antique Velvet lipstick which I now use to line my lips when I wear Ruby Woo and want to mellow it out a bit. I’ve been complimented on the combination just about everytime I’ve worn it – from men and women so that makes it a winner in my book!

19 Crimes Red Red Wine

I’ve had my fair share of wine. From bottles enjoyed on the vineyard in Tuscany (where my bourgeois wanderlusts at) to Trivento at my boyfriend’s grand aunt’s house parties – which I suffer through because she loves it and mama’s trying to get married in the next couple years.

Anywho, I say that to say I’ve tasted my fair share of wine and still know nothing about the intricacies of it other than simply what tastes good to me. 19 Crimes simply tastes good to me. I have learned that I prefer easy to drink red blends that are a good mix of sweet and slightly dry and cost under $20 bucks – 19 Crimes hits the mark on all fronts. Rounding out my top 5 red blends are Ménage à Trois, 689, Cupcake Red Velvet and Arrogant Frog’s Ribbet Red Cabernet Merlot – don’t knock it till you try it!

Cherry Red Jeep Wrangler

A cherry red Jeep Wrangler has been my dream car for as long as I can remember. I’m talking hands down favourite car from before I even had my first kiss! No lie. Jeep Wranglers are just sexy. Point blank period as my grammy would say. I’ve always fantasized about blasting some Beres Hammond with my hair blowing in the wind as I cruise the coast. I have no idea how much they cost. But one day I’m going to randomly walk into a dealership and purchase one cash. Just because. A girl can dream, right?

Red Statement Bag

A red Fendi was my first splurge after I opened my marketing agency and signed my first client. My mother is hands down the best and hands down the worst person to shop with. As I debated whether I could really afford the bag she was right in my ear with the usual “You work hard girl, you deserve this” speech. Which always results in me buying said item and typically having intense buyer’s remorse as soon as I remember that I have bills. But I digress. The bag is gorgeous. It was after I purchased it and rarely wore it, preferring to schlep around my $10 fringe find from Asos that I realized I don’t care that much about designer bags. But, it’s still really beautiful and I do feel glamourous whenever I carry it so it makes the list.

Red Hair

I chopped off my hair in September 2014. Sheena, the only woman who is allowed to cut and colour my hair gave me the funkiest little tapered cut, and then we drowned my locks in a fire engine red color that made me feel like the chocolate version of Charli Baltimore circa 1995. While I’ve totally abandoned the tapered cut, that red colour keeps calling me back and I think I’ll drown my locks once again come this September. Red hair looks so divine on so many different skin tones. The bolder the better in my book, especially if you work in a creative industry. It screams, I’m daring and I’m in charge.

Red Cast Iron Pan

I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it. I think it’s one of my redeeming qualities and perhaps the sole reason I can keep a boyfriend, because I am a literal hurricane to date! My grammy had a tried and true cast iron pan that she fried fish in. She handed her pan down to my mother who then, you guessed it, fried fish in it. My mother never handed her cast iron pan down to me. So like any self respecting Bahamian woman I bought my own at Walmart, packed it in a lock box with my Walmart kitchen haul and sent it over the Atlantic on the Betty K. Cherry, as I call her now lives on my stove and fries up the best chicken, fish and fries. I make johnny cake in her, and fancy frittatas when I’m feeling gourmet. It’s one of my favourite kitchen tools.

What are your favorite red things? Love some of mine? Let me know in the comments!