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The Red Dress Soiree provides a unique platform for brands within The Bahamas to engage the hard to reach niche market of affluent individuals age 30-65.

As your marketing partner, we provide a measurable way to achieve your brand objectives. Let us know what your goals are, and we will customize a sponsorship package for your needs.

Powering the Red Dress Soiree enables you to:

– Increase brand preference within the affluent market
– Harness the marketing power of influencers and opionion leaders
– Recruit data within targeted niche market
– Increase social media engagement
– Increase lead generation
– Increase community-minded brand perception within general public

audience stats

Four Hundred Fifty Guests will attend the 2016 Red Dress Soiree. Both the inaugural event in 2012 and the second event in 2014 were sold out, each hosting 300+ guests.


Ages 35 – 60
Female – 70%
Male – 30%

RDS attendees earn a median income of $75k. They are well educated profesionals with an interest in philanthropic activities.


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