The Rds Story


A chance encounter with a child infected with HIV, who was later orphaned when his parents died from the disease planted the seed that there was a specific way that I could be a part of the solution.

I can still remember sitting in the hospital room with ‘Ty’, his leg broken and doctors unable to operate right away after learning that he was HIV positive. It was just weeks before Christmas.

The memory of his bright smile when asked what he wanted for Christmas is forever burned on my brain. “Nothing” he said, his teeth big and white like Chiclets. “Not even a PlayStation,” I said. “Ok, maybe a PlayStation,” he replied.

There is something about the innocence of a child’s smile that never leaves you. Thank you ‘Ty’ for being such an inspiration and the core reason for the birth of The Red Dress Soiree.

– Tyrina Neely, Event Founder & Director

The Rds Glam Squad

The Red Dress Soiree is a labour of love. It takes a literal village to execute the event and many months of preparation to bring it to life.

Meet the Glam Squad that makes it happen.

Scieska Adderley